Karima Creative x Becca Mitchell 

If you’re ready for branding, copy, and design you can’t stop talking about, welcome to the duo that makes it happen.

Partnered since March 2020 

We craft remarkable brand stories and visually stunning designs for a diverse range of clients.

We’re Karima + Becca, a collaborative duo that has worked with dozens of brands and businesses to bring our client’s dreams to life since 2020.

We want you to have the best possible experience and receive the best possible final product.

We also really want your site launch and for you to feel proud of it!


Your brand is more than just a logo or a catchy slogan — it's an authentic expression of who you are. Whether your vibe is bold, adventurous, approachable, enthusiastic, sophisticated, or polished, you should be showing up as yourself.

You’ll complete two questionnaires: one for copy + one for design.

The brand design process and the copywriting process can happen simultaneously, then once your copy + branding are finalized, the design starts.

We also highly recommend new brand photos and can help you find a photographer in your area!

How we work together:

We make the process as simple as possible for you.

Why invest in both?

Your website should be attention-grabbing and intentional. 

We have worked collaboratively since March of 2020 and know each other’s capabilities. On top of working with clients, we’ve hired each other multiple times and gone through our processes. While we operate two separate businesses, it’s like having one in-sync team in your corner. 

Bundling effective copy and strategic design is a smart investment that can lead to higher conversion rates, increased brand recognition, and a competitive edge in your market. 

We understand the power of this duo and are committed to helping your business stand out, engage your audience, and achieve its full potential.

Why it matters:

61% say that if they don’t find what they’re looking for within about five seconds, they’ll go to another site.


Poor grammar or spelling in a web copy or landing page can increase the bounce rate by 85%. Bad web copy can also reduce visitors’ time on your website by 8%.


Approximately 72% of marketers saw an increased engagement with content through effective copywriting.


Half of internet users say that they use website design as a factor to formulate their opinion on a business.


57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.


Almost half (48%) say the number one way they decide on the credibility of a business is determined by the web design




Your Next Steps: 



We both move forward & communicate the process every step of the way!

Schedule your call, and we’ll each ask questions that are relevant to our processes.

Inquire with both of us


You select your payment plan and lock it in with a contact.


You’ll receive and complete the questionnaires.

Here's just an overview of where I was at before hiring them and also my overall experience: 


I ran Wil and Faye for 1.5 years prior to deciding to take my business off Thumbtack and invest in a website. I knew I wanted to market more and bring in direct traffic and leads there. I hired Karima to do a full re-brand and Becca to write all my copy from scratch. 

As a creative, I know that you can get a really great design when you let the professionals take the wheel - so while I gave my overall vision, I let them do all the heavy lifting. I was honestly SO SHOCKED at how they were both able to give me something I loved so much with the little bit of info I gave them. 

Being only a year and a half into owning a business, the investment was crazy for me (between the website, copy, and photography, everyone around me said I was crazy to spend that much on my first website ever), but I knew I wanted to do it right the first time! That being said, it's worth even more than what they charge!! My main concern going in was that they would struggle giving me something that reflected my style and vision, and that I would have to spend a lot of time on revisions. But they honestly nail it every. single. time. It's crazy. My revisions were always so minimal, and I'm a control freak when it comes to how things look.

/ 01 How did you hear about them?

I found Karima on Instagram a couple years ago and I was obsessed with her designs. I felt like we shared the same disregard to the traditional "rules" of design - we do what we want, what looks good, and what works best for our client no matter if it's the textbook way. I met Becca through Karima. After seeing her prices for copywriting, I decided to look around for others, and after a week of trying to find copy I liked as much as Becca's, I gave up. I read through so many of the websites she did, and literally felt like I personally knew all of those people - and I knew that's how I wanted people to feel about my website.

/ 02 What was it like to work with Becca and Karima?

Best experience ever - I truly can't say it enough. Not only did they nail the design and copy, but I have even implemented parts of their process in my own business to help things run more smoothly. 

/ 03 Did you use their branding process and what was it like?

I did a full rebranding. So easy. I gave Karima a Pinterest board and she read my mind from that. She gave an overall mood board that fit our vibe and target audience perfectly. And then gave us like 16 different variations of the main logo - we picked ones we liked and told her the specific things we liked about each and then she made one with all the things we loved. After that, she sent over all the other mini logos, square ones, circle ones, etc. We have 5-6 logos that fit any occasion - and they're all unique and distinctive, but also very cohesive. She also gave us three little graphics/illustrations that we use everywhere now. The "brand guidelines" deliverable that she gives you makes it so easy to implement your new brand everywhere. We were able to make a welcome guide, thank you cards, business cards, t-shirts, stickers, brochures, and phone/tablet/laptop backgrounds that all fit our brand and didn't cause any stress. 

/ 04 Did they meet their deadlines?

Becca got our copy to us in literally one day. Completely blew my mind!! I still don't know how she does it. So yes, she's just a rockstar through and through. Karima met or exceeded every deadline. For most of the items, she would send me things to review or look at every week - it was like Christmas every Friday. It made me feel like I was their only project and was a priority. 

/ 05 Did they listen to your vision?

They 100% did. I honestly just knew the overall vibe I wanted and that I wanted it to look and sound like "me". And they did a fabulous job, hands down. 

/ 06 Did they have good ideas you hadn’t thought of?

Of course. I couldn't (and wouldn't have if I tried) think of half the things they did. My copy would have been a page and a half if I had tried to write it, but Becca got so much out of what I gave her, and without it being ramble and out of control. Karima turned an ADD pinterst board into a bomb ass website. Also, I wouldn't just say they thought of things I wouldn't, but they also asked questions that made me really think about what I wanted. Ones that I wouldn't have thought to even ask myself, and I think that made it 100000% more personal to me and my business. 

/ 07 How has the new website affected your business? More revenue, more brand identity

2 weeks after I launched, we signed our biggest job to date. That was at the beginning of February. And now we've signed two more that are bigger than that one. If we stopped taking projects now, by June, we would surpass what we grossed in 2021. I no longer have to use Thumtack and that was my main goal. As far as brand identity, I feel SOO much more confident that I did before and I get compliments on the logos, etc. 

Since partnering with Karima and Becca, my business has seen a significant boosT.

Working with Karima for Website and Branding Design, and Becca for Copywriting, was an absolute game-changer for my business. They effortlessly understood my brand vision, translating it into a stunning (and effective!) website. Karima's design skills brought my brand to life with eye-catching elements, while Becca's copywriting expertise brought engaging and compelling content to every page.

The website not only attracts more visitors but has substantially increased my booking conversions. The seamless collaboration between design and copywriting ensured a cohesive representation of my business which has resulted in connections with more aligned couples who truly understand and appreciate what I offer (win-win am I right?!).

What sets Karima and Becca apart is not just their individual expertise but their ability to work together seamlessly. The process was enjoyable, with regular updates delivered in emails, making it a stress-free experience. I highly recommend this combined pair for anyone looking to transform their vision into a captivating online presence while enjoying the experience along the way.

Karima and Becca are an unstoppable team. 

I hired them to update my branding and my website, and to improve the sales in our Shop. Another goal was to set the website up as a framework to my blog.

We launched the website in October 2022. My sales in the calendar year of 2023 increased by 40%. They set up an amazing customer journey for my clients, going from Blog to Sales page to shop. It is seamless. The only time Ive ever tried to change anything on the site, this magical flow was interrupted and I changed the site back to keep it going.

This team is fantastic. You won’t regret working with them.

Copy x Design Projects by us.