Get done-for-you copy every month from a copywriter who knows your voice, business, and goals—and brings the strategy to make it happen. 👋

Are you endlessly procrastinating writing your sales + marketing copy*?

Not anymore!

*your website, sales page, emails, social posts, lead magnet, bios, etc. 

Between client calls and work, you just never have the time (or motivation) to update your welcome sequence or write the services page for your new offer

You know you have a killer service, but translating its value into story-driven and persuasive copy feels impossible

Keeping up with social media content is your kryptonite

You desperately need someone who can bring your ideas to life on paper 

You know the value of a compelling lead magnet to grow your list but actually writing new content for one? Hard pass.

As a business owner, do you feel like: 


  • Showing up to 7am meeting with no coffee 
  • Battling a monster-sized to-do list (that literally just keeps growing no matter what)
  • Trying to assemble IKEA furniture without instructions
  • Speaking a foreign language you’ve never learned
  • Giving a presentation naked

AKA, it kinda feels like it’s straight-up ruining your life.

TL;DR: writing your own copy for your business feels sorta like…

Dramatic? Maybe. But don’t worry,

That’s what you get with this copy retainer.

Seriously, just Imagine never having to stress about writing your own copy again.
(I think I heard your sigh of relief from here.)

You need a copywriter who gets you—your brand, your voice, your offers, and your vibe.

With this retainer, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. No more late-night freakouts or endlessly typing and deleting because you hate everything you’re writing.

I dive into your brand, understand your voice, and craft content that hits hard with your audience. It’s like having a strategic partner who knows your business inside and out, keeping your words razor-sharp and on point.

Time to forget the late-night typing marathons and last-minute edits. Your copy needs are covered.

Imagine that your copy is always on point, resonating with your audience, and driving results—all without ever having to look at a blank Google doc again. 

- Shannon Matson, The Social Bungalow

Teaming up with Becca has been like finding the secret sauce for our copywriting needs. She has an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of the matter and describing things so compellingly that our audience can’t help but be captivated—and converted! Her work on our emails, landing pages, and sales pages has been nothing short of outstanding and conversion-driven. Having her on an ongoing retainer was immensely helpful, allowing us to bring her pop-up assets and ideas for an efficient and skillful turnaround. I can't recommend her highly enough for anyone needing top-notch copywriting.

/ 01

 - Abby Waller 

Becca is one of the best copywriters I have worked with! I know hiring someone to take over key parts of your business ( like messaging and sales copy ) can feel daunting and like a risk, but she is an expert at nailing your voice and writing in a way that speaks to your dream clients. She is always timely on returning projects and making any tweaks needed to your copy - even though the tweaks are usually very minimal! She has saved me HOURS in my business and made me THOUSANDS! I send everyone I know her way and always will!

/ 02

- Liz Strong

I absolutely LOVED the support Becca gave me when writing emails for me. I was no longer waiting until the last minute (*cough* night before *cough*) to do it which took stress away but more importantly helped me stay consistent. The process itself was so easy AND they always sounded like me. I had a client mention how much she loved my emails when I told her it was actually Becca writing them. That’s how well Becca got my voice down — my client didn’t even realize it wasn’t me who wrote it.

/ 03

Hear from retainer clients

How it works:


You’ll be added to my Slack channel for regular communication and updates. Each month, I’ll write what we’ve discussed you need. Need to adjust? No problem, we’ll tweak as we go!

Ongoing Support & DFY Copywriting


As soon as you’re on board, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire so I can get to know your business inside and out.

We’ll jump on a 60-minute call to discuss your projects and set a game plan for the months ahead.


Kickoff Questionnaire

Strategy Call

Monthly Credit Packages:

$275 per credit ($550 monthly)

2 CreditS

$250 per credit ($1000 monthly)


$233 per credit ($1400 monthly)


 $225 per credit ($1800 monthly)


Buy Extra Credits Anytime: $250 per credit

*requires a 3-month commitment. cancel anytime after 3 months with a 15-day notice.

Credit System:

3 Instagram Captions

Blog Post

1 credit per 2 emails

Canned Emails


($750, edits to a sales page I wrote)

Sales Page Refresh

($750, non-retainer rate $1000)

Website Page

($750, non-retainer rate $800)

Batch of 4 Emails

and more

Custom Quote

New Long-Form Sales Page 7 credits

need something else? just ask!

New Bio


Lead Magnet Copy

Landing Page

e.g., services packet copy, onboarding packet copy

Marketing Collateral

($1,750, non-retainer rate $2200)





If we’re being honest, there's never a "good" time to write copy. With this retainer, it’s always handled so you don’t have to keep lying to yourself when you say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” 

Ready to reclaim your time and mental space? 

We both know that ain’t happening, so let’s just get it done. 


Yes! While we start with a strategy call, we can schedule additional calls as needed to keep everything on track. Just let me know, and we’ll set it up.

Can we have more strategy calls?

If you have leftover credits, we will roll them over for one month before they expire. (Example: 1 leftover May credit rolls into June). This can be beneficial if you buy 4 credits per month, but want to do a sales page - instead of increasing your credits, you could skip a month and roll those 4 credits to the next month so I can get your sales page done for 7 credits. 

What if I don’t use all my credits in a month?

Slack! I’ll add you to my Slack channel in a private room with my OBM, and we’ll do our communication there.

How do we communicate?

Regular projects are completed within 5-7 business days. For rush projects, you can expect a 3-day turnaround (if scheduling allows), and you are able to request one rush project per month.

What’s the turnaround time for projects?

Absolutely! You can increase or decrease your credit package at the end of each 3-month cycle. Just give me a 15-day notice.

Can I adjust my monthly credit package?

We will communicate regularly in Slack for all projects. 

How do I submit my projects?

You can buy extra credits anytime for $250 per credit. Just let me know, and I’ll add it to your package.

What if I need more credits than my package includes?

Yes, there’s a 3-month minimum commitment. You can cancel anytime after the initial 3 months with a 15-day notice.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

I offer one round of revisions per deliverable. I’ll send you your copy in a Google Doc, and then you can leave your comments + feedback, and I’ll work through the changes. 

What if I’m not happy with the copy?

Yes! For every new client you refer, you receive 2 free credits that never expire. It’s my way of saying thank you for spreading the word.

Do you have a referral system?