(Didn’t know he left? My point exactly.)


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Blending in is as much of a snoozefest as The Office after Michael Scott left.

I’m Becca 

writer + human here to ask you a lot of questions

I come from a marketing + journalism background and have been writing copy for driven service-based business owners since 2017. 

I’m completely obsessed with my Kindle, emo music (yes, it still exists), and snowboarding.


My first byline was in my college newspaper before going          (over one million views) on Thought Catalog.

Once hired as a writer + editor, I went on to write multiple articles that took the internet by storm in the same way — one racking up over 5+ million views in less than a week. Which, ironically, was basically my own personal hell because it struck a chord with the people. Lots of love, lots of hate. #dontreadthecomments


I can’t wait to hear what your vision is and help you bring it to life!

Copy is the gasoline to your already brilliant offers, and it’s what allows my clients to celebrate huge wins like six-figure launches, selling out their program in 3 days, and having more confidence speaking about their business.

This quickly opened my eyes to the                                 In 2017, I started this business alongside my marketing job. my first client was a small business owner I met at a Denver farmer’s market, and I knew this was it.

I’m passionate about writing compelling copy that sounds like you, and feels even better to the person reading it (pushy, unethical sales tactics are a hard no here).

impact words have.

This quickly opened my eyes to the

In 2017, I started this business alongside my marketing job. my first client was a small business owner I met at a Denver farmer’s market, and I knew this was it.

My clients are proof your copy can feel like you and deliver results by building a connection.

On-the-mark copy helps you show up more confidently, and it allows you to draw in the RIGHT customers, turning off the rest. The pursuit of a polished, perfect business is overrated. I’m here to encourage you to embrace the messy, unfiltered, fun, witty, emotional, and passionate sides of yourself.  

Most of the time, clients seek me out when their copy no longer fits with their current offers, voice, or they’re simply ready to add in more personality. They have a clear understanding of their audience, their offers, and their message, but struggle to put it into concise words.

It’s a VERY common struggle because, point blank, you’re SO close to your work. That's why an outside perspective is so valuable — if I have questions, your ideal client probably has the same ones!

simply being yourself.

After all, you're working to attract the people you’ll work with — don’t you want to actually like them?

I know I do, and it all starts by

I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions, so it’s only fair I pull back the curtain first

Proud accomplishment

I was #1 nationally for assists in DII women's lacrosse during my junior year of college and hold 4 school records. 

Signs + such

I’m a Taurus, manifesting generator, extrovert, and an enneagram 8 

Something that might surprise you:

I didn’t want to be a writer, until journalism was a mandatory requirement for my PR degree. Then I fell in love.

You can find me jamming to

Punk, alternative, rock—however Apple music wants to define it, but 2020s emo music. 

Fav ways to recharge

Reading, cooking, snowboarding, camping, and watching TV (it’s to help you create kick-ass references, okay? And enjoyment.) 

One sentence to sum me up

I’m always somewhere between overly emotional and completely unbothered.

Celeb crush

Machine Gun Kelly, duh. Tickets to My Downfall? Life changing. 

My biggest dream in life

Opening a used bookstore & owning a Christmas tree farm!

Psst: It doesn’t matter how professional you are if you’re not showing up as YOU.

Ready to finally feel like you’re reflected in your own business?

(Not to mention it totally sucks)