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“I love how Becca was able to quickly capture my personality, what makes me unique and the USP of my offerings and turn that into words that talk directly with my ideal client. Becca was so easy to work with and her work completely exceeded my expectations! Becca was able to grasp my style and my tone very quickly. It was almost like she knew me for many years! I was very surprised by how well Becca was able to incorporate my personality and little things about me into the copy. It made my website copy fun to read and completely unique-to-who-I-am. If you're looking for copy that isn't generic and boring, Becca is your girl. My new website copy will help me connect with the RIGHT people who are a perfect fit for my programs and convert them into paying students at a much higher rate. I would absolutely recommend Becca to anyone that needs a copy that not only is full of personality and reflects who you are in a way you don't even think it's possible but also talks directly to the soul of your target audience. You won't regret hiring Becca! TRUST ME!”

"You won't regret hiring Becca! TRUST ME!”

"She really understands writing for online businesses - and it shows in the end result."

“Collaborating with Becca was easy and enjoyable, she was extremely open to feedback and making changes, as well as giving great input herself. Becca was super responsive to edits and always easy to communicate with and she’s able to grasp my tone and style totally. She really understands writing for online businesses - and it shows in the end result. Becca was recommended to me and I really like the copy of some of the brands she writes for. Since I needed a new website, brand and ideal client meant my copy needed elevating, too. I will say you need to be super clear on your messaging, ideal client and packages BEFOREHAND - I think people often see good copy as a magic bullet, but the intake form is so in depth you really do need to know all that stuff first. I know this copy will tie in with my new brand identity and ideal client (also, side note - I had a sales call with an absolute ideal client last week. She was torn between my 1:1 and the mastermind, so I actually sent her the entire web copy in a Google Doc lol. Her response? "Your copy was a very interesting read and also VERY well written because whilst reading every point I found myself agreeing and nodding my head too, you really have got it spot on" AND she's a copywriter herself!!” 

"I loved how Becca takes your vision, style, personality and putting it into copy that is highly attractive to potential buyers."

“I wanted to work with Becca because some women who really inspire me in this space had great things to say about Becca. I had a program idea that I really could see in my long term vision for my business and because of that, I didn’t want to half @$$ it. I wanted to make sure the copy was a direct reflection of what the program was and felt attractive to potential buyers. I loved how Becca takes your vision, style, personality and putting it into copy that is highly attractive to potential buyers. I’m never diying my copy again! Becca was very professional, efficient, and also worked with me to come up with a payment plan that felt right for my needs at the time. I sold out my program within 3 days with the help of the copy. Overall, my experience with Becca was great! I’ll be back!”

“I have the hardest time writing about myself. I knew by hiring someone to do my copy, I would feel much better about my website! I knew Becca would make my website 10x better with her help! She worded things in such a beautiful & fun way and was able to get the style and tone 100000%! I struggled to even answer some of the questions she asked, but she did a great job pulling pieces together to truly make it great! The entire experience working with Becca was really such a breeze.

Copy was a huge part of my website and I feel so confident about my launch because I am IN LOVE with what Becca & I came up with! It is SO worth the investment if you are not confident in writing copy yourself! That help like a huge ball and chain in the website building process and I am so happy I had Becca to help me. The whole experience was amazing! So thankful for Becca and what she did for me.”

"I am IN LOVE with what Becca & I came up with!"

I read every review and visited every website. I knew she'd do an awesome job on my copy. I immediately fell in love with the way she uses her unique gifts and talents to create beautiful copies. I also love that Becca’s copy gets results; once I reviewed the statistics of emails and sales conversions due to Becca’s copy, I was sold. Becca’s communication from my initial inquiry till the moment my copy was complete was amazing. Becca did a fantastic job grasping my style/tone. Becca nailed my copy on the FIRST DRAFT!!! If all that wasn’t enough, I received a beautiful coffee mug in the mail from Becca, which I absolutely love. I feel it's important for others to grasp the importance of hiring a professional copywriter (Becca of course) to write your copy. Though you may have written amazing papers throughout college, website coping writing is a totally different ball game. In addition to writing captivating copy, you must know your audience by way of researching specific industry trends and so forth.

This is why hiring a copywriter is a nonnegotiable step in brand/web development. My new copy will convert website visitors into clients. In addition, I feel that my new copy builds trust amongst current and prospective clients as well as set the tone for my brand identity within the mental health industry. Overall, my experience with Becca was Amazing. Repeat customer. I'll be working with Becca again soon on my Sales/Launch Copy. In addition, I plan to hire Becca in the future for emails and any other project that comes up in the future.” 

"Becca nailed my copy on the FIRST DRAFT!!!"

“I launched my previous website last year and needless to say, that copy did not convert. In reviewing my website from the lens of a consumer, I noticed that my previous copy wasn't captivating, nor did it call out prospective client's pain points and how my services could solve them. Becca was recommended by my website & branding developer Karima Creative. I attempted to follow the provided template and write my copy myself & found myself extremely frustrated in finding the right words to communicate my brand identity. That frustration led me to Becca’s website and Instagram. I literally stalked her website and Instagram.

I loved EVERYTHING about working with Becca! The ease, the authenticity, the passion. I truly felt like Becca was excited to work with me and help make my dream a reality. And that indeed she did. I also didn't realize how much of a weight was lifted off my shoulder realizing my copy was literally being written for me. Obviously I knew Becca was writing it during my VIP day but to go from having our discovery call to hours later having my full copy in front of me was a sense of easy I hope every business owner can feel. Worth. Every. Penny. 100% Becca was able to grasp my tone and style and I know my new copy will better articulate my brand, services, and overall Kingsley as a whole. I hope it also helps bring in more leads that convert into clients. Copy is an investment, but it is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Aside from talking to clients yourself copy is the main thing that will communicate to them - so you should have that polished, accurate and reflective of your business. I am so glad I made the jump and invested in my business through a VIP day. OH also everyone should know how freaking relieving it was to go through the VIP day - legit can't express enough how much of an ease it was and how great the entire process was. This entire experience was Amazing, inspiring, refreshing. Obviously a lot of work is put in prepping for the day and making tweaks but it is worth every minute and every penny put into it. I can't wait to have my website go live.”

"Worth. Every. Penny. 100%"

“I thought I could tackle copy myself during my rebrand and website makeover... I had previously followed a few different copywriters and were intrigued by the thought of having someone write my copy but was worried how would it sound? How would it work? What was the cost? But Becca kept popping up in my Instagram, time and time again. I loved how authentic the posts were, how I felt a connection, really just the stars aliened and I thought to myself - if we're going to do this rebrand lets DO THIS REBRAND and do it right so I'm not piecemealing the copy together and giving it a half-assed attempt because I don't have the time. I loved Becca’s copy - I looked at a few different websites Becca had done and they kept me reading which was the main selling point. When I find websites (for businesses I'm interested in) I end up wanting to read every.single.word. on their website and I knew very quickly Becca could make this a reality for my own website.

“To me, finding a copywriter is perhaps one of the most challenging positions to fill. I have worked with so many over the years and none of them worked out until I met Becca, who was referred to me. She is the first person who was not only a wildly talented writer she also was able to write in my voice immediately upon working together. She is amazing and wonderful to work with. Becca was able to quickly land our voice and is so gifted in copywriting, she’s incredibly generous with her edits and time and really gets my work, which is very hard to find! The work I do is based in neuroscience and incredibly complex and she was able to understand it fully and present it to our readers in a way that is digestible, relatable and welcoming. She cares deeply and puts so much of her time and heart into the work. Not only that, but our open rates and click rates went up because of our work with her. Our last launch NYNS had higher click rates and open rates because of Becca’s help! The entire experience has been so seamless, wonderful and easy. I want to work with you on every project moving forward! Becca is an amazing person and in a sea of copywriters, she is incomparable."

"In a sea of copywriters, she is incomparable."

Copy flowed so well and captured everything I wanted and more. I love how simple she makes it be from signing to receiving copy and edits. She is always there to make sure I am supported. It was just so simple, easy and a weight off my shoulders with not having to stress on trying to write copy myself. Becca and her team are great, as usual! I have been using BTS and already receiving amazing feedback and securing spots for future launch of a membership. It will definitely affect my business in a large way in helping me build a passive income, funnels to run ads to and also be able to support service providers in a large capacity that makes sense for my business structure. Just bite the bullet and do it - we all have our zones and you will convert better with Becca behind you!”

"We all have our zones and you will convert better with Becca behind you!"

“I had a new offer and Becca had already crushed my website copy plus other clients copy and knew she was my girl for new things. I love her style of writing, capturing whatever I have in my head to convey it is a natural way to my audience. She writes without being pushing or using scary sales tactics and helps to really breakdown what my audience struggling with and seeing the transformation that I can provide. I came with my idea and she blew me away at how she broke it down as if she was in mine + my ideal clients head. 

"Becca invests her heart into you and your voice. She wants you to achieve all your goals and more!"

“I loved how much Becca cared about me and my brand. I knew she was good at what she did, but I genuinely liked Becca as a person and I loved how much of her heart was put into the project. She really dug into the brand and spoke from within. I can feel her words and that is gold! She was able to find and refine my style and tone completely. The VIP day isn’t just a copy and paste event. Becca invests her heart into you and your voice. She wants you to achieve all your goals and more! And I can't believe how much she did in one day! Overall, Becca is a dream! Working with her and her team was pure joy. She truly cares and that was the best part of the experience. I felt like we were old friends and I felt well taken care of. Since pressing launch on my website with the updated copy from Becca, I booked $10k+ in sessions in the first 2 weeks it was live! Working with Beccas has elevated my brand! It makes it much easier to get to know me and my brand through Becca’s words.” 

“Becca understood the words that I was trying to say and made them into easy and comprehendible copy. The copy was exactly what I was looking for and speaks directly to my ideal audience in a non-salesy way. When a lead visits my website it's vital that they get a good first impression. In the past, I've struggled with attracting my ideal clients through words. My new copy speaks directly to my audience and it's persuasive and impactful. Becca's copy will be key in converting traffic into more opt-ins so I can schedule more discovery calls. I feel like Becca was 100% able to grasp my style and tone! She exceeded my expectations and made sure my copy was cohesive and on point with my brand. Investing in Becca to help you with your copy is 100% worth every penny. The ROI speaks for itself! She was able to just go with the flow. My brain can be cluttered and go in a million directions at once, and she was able to digest and understand what I was trying to say in an organized manner. Becca is the first person I would ever recommend for any copy services! She will change your lifeeeee with her copy! Best investment I've made in my business so far. I will be using her for all of my copy needs moving forward. :)”

"Investing in Becca to help you with your copy is 100% worth every penny. The ROI speaks for itself!"

I think hiring a copywriter can feel a little scary because you're not sure if the person will be able to capture your voice and tone, but Becca captured it perfectly! Becca sent a detailed questionnaire before she started writing my copy, so she really had a deep understanding of who I was and what my offer was by the time she started. She completely nailed my voice and tone and highlighted my service benefits so well. I knew I'd love it, but I loved it even more than I expected. I wanted to buy my own service after reading it! :) You should 1000% hire Becca to write your copy. She is a GENIUS at making you + your offer sound irresistible and she does it so quickly -- she wrote my entire sales page copy in a one day intensive!” 

"I read it over and over when she first sent it to me because I couldn't believe how seriously impactful it was."

“I loved reading my completed sales page copy! I read it over and over when she first sent it to me because I couldn't believe how seriously impactful it was. It conveyed the exact message I was hoping for and was so well-written! The new copy is going to have such a positive impact on my biz because it speaks directly to my ideal client, addresses their pain points, and explains my service in perfect detail. When my ideal client looks at the sales page, I think working with me will be a no-brainer because the copy is speaking straight to them! 

"We had a total of 120 people join the program making it an 8.8% conversion and only 16% did a payment plan."

“We used the marketing emails Becca wrote to launch a free Masterclass and pitch a new program and did a 6+ figure cash launch! I didn’t have to send it back for revisions at all. Becca did an excellent job of grasping my style and tone of voice and she was professional, efficient, and delivered. As a result of Becca’s copy, we had 1360 sign up for the free Masterclass using the emails, social posts, and ads written by Becca. We grew our email list by 251 people (14 of which went on to purchase) 438 people came in from ads and 20 purchased. We had a total of 120 people join the program making it an 8.8% conversion and only 16% did a payment plan. Becca’s copy did the work of getting people to sign up for the masterclass and purchasing the program. We can’t wait to use this copy again, and again to launch this program over and over again!”