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You should never settle for 'good enough' copy in your business 

You want your ideal clients to like you, but YOU also want to like THEM (free advice from my therapist), so don’t be afraid to turn a few people off so that all your clients land in the “I want all my clients to be like you” column. (You know the client I’m talking about.)

Unlocking this level of dream client comes from far more than just crafting clever phrases or stringing together buzzwords — it's about creating a genuine connection with your reader that drives real results for your business.



What makes the biggest difference in your client hiring you vs them?

How you operate your business + who you are is what makes you stand out—and if that’s not being conveyed, it’s time for a copy upgrade.

Copy is so powerful, especially when it’s done right. It has the ability to attract (or repel) people, convince them to buy (or go else where), and ultimately shape their perception of your brand.


Want results?

I offer custom payment plans, so if copy is on your investment wishlist, I got you.

Create a connection and differentiate yourself—it’s as 

simple as that. 

Email Copy

Website Copy

Sales Page Copy

✓ Comprehensive questionnaire 
✓ 60-minute strategy session 
✓ One comprehensive long-form sales page including module descriptions
✓ Collaborative editing process within your shared Google doc 
✓ Optional off-boarding call 

✓ Comprehensive questionnaire 
✓ 60-minute strategy session to refine your email strategy
✓ Crafting of 5 strategic conversion-focused emails 
✓ Collaborative editing process within your shared Google doc 
✓ Optional off-boarding call 

✓ Comprehensive questionnaire 
✓ 60-minute strategy session  
✓ Strategic organization of website pages 
✓ 4 pages of compelling website copy 
✓ Collaborative editing process within your shared Google doc 
✓ Optional off-boarding call

Investment starts at $4000

Investment starts at $2200

Investment starts at $1000

Here are some universal truths that can’t be ignored in your copy (that I’ll seamlessly integrate):

  • People are more likely to take action, trust advice, and buy when they feel a strong emotional connection.
  • People are more inclined to act when your product or service aligns with their beliefs and values.
  • People value things more when they have a personal connection to them.

TL;DR: purchasing comes down to TRUST and trust stems from knowing YOU. That's why infusing you into your copy is so important. 

Interested in working together?

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— Danielle Johnson

I've worked with a copywriter before but I didn't feel like she really captured my voice, or wrote in a way that would convert. Becca has killed both of the sales pages she's written for me, I have no idea how she wrote such magic out of all the random info I gave her - the copy sounds & feels like me, and also reaches my audience so well + converts!

/ 01

— Tania Pacheco

“I haven't been happy with my current copy for quite some time and I knew I needed a major upgrade. Becca had high recommendations from fellow colleagues - I could tell she knew her stuff! The entire experience was wonderful from start to finish. Becca created great copy, right on time and made the whole process easy and seamless. Honestly, this was WELL worth every penny of investment. If you have difficulty putting your thoughts into words to effectively communicate with your audience - hire Becca and don't look back!”

/ 02

—Amanda Kolbye

"Becca really takes the time to get to know you, your brand, your products and helps infuse not just amazing writing but strategy into her projects. I have had clients say they read my sales pages 10+ times and it just spoke to them. We have had 6-figure launches with sales pages and emails that Becca has written. I have worked with several other writers and no one gets my voice and clientele like Becca. She is an invaluable asset to my business!"

/ 03

— Grace Blacksea

"I received copy that was dripping in value. Without question. Hire Becca, just do it. If you've been sitting on your copy, partner with Becca to truly bring it to life. She wastes no time in providing the utmost value and helped me *finally* bring my website to life after almost a year of waiting on copy. I think Becca was one of the best investments I made in my business, and she is one of this industry’s most incredible leaders.”

/ 04

— Alex Porterfield

“Going through Becca's portfolio of work was an immediate YES for me! I think it's important for people to realize that this is an INVESTMENT in their business and that there are PAYMENT PLANS! Becca is just on the ball with her project timelines and she just GETS voice, my pain points, my ideal clients. I felt so taken care of and it was such a huge stress-relief for me. Honestly, I was surprised by how fast Becca could turn her work in for review and implement changes if needed!”

/ 05

— Spencer Purcell

“I'm not a wordsmith, so hiring someone who is able to help bring my story in a way to hook potential clients was really important for me. She took my jumbled mess and transformed it into the story I've been wanting to tell. Having prospective couples come to my site and instantly feel a connection to my work and see my passion behind it will definitely help attract the people I want to work with most. Seeing the final product, really shook me. Becca really cares about you, and helps you tell your story in an authentic way.”

/ 06

— Alexia Usgaard 

“I love the way Becca asked me quality questions to dig deeper to ensure that she fully gets me and my audience. I deeply care about authenticity in my brand so I initially was nervous that hiring a copywriter would diminish my essence. Instead, I discovered that it was such a liberating and valuable experience to get support as Becca helped me unleash the next level of my voice and message. I never felt like I was disconnected from the process, I always feel like we're co-creating the copy together which makes me feel deeply aligned with it when I share it with my audience.”

/ 07

— Pat Reddin

“After one conversation with Becca, she understood exactly what I was looking to convey. Becca is such a professional - experienced, sharp, creative, and very efficient. She created fabulous copy inside of a process that was simple, and right on time. The copywriting portion of building my website felt enormous and overwhelming. She was able to quickly distill my thoughts and ideas to a well-crafted brand proposition. I definitely recommend Becca, she was super chill and easy to work with. Just the right blend of accepting my comments and pushing back in service of a great product!”

/ 08

— Leslie Mazzei

“I loved the ease of working with Becca. It was like she was able to get inside my head and pull out the words and emotions that I couldn't quite articulate. Becca is a dang gem! It was a dream working with her and the turnaround time is impeccable! Becca took time to understand me and what I was looking for and MORE than delivered. How much she was able to get done in a day was amazing! Also, the care and concern she took to massage and revise the copy after our day to make sure that the copy was perfect was incredible.”

/ 09

There's no denying that copywriting is often overlooked in small businesses, even though it plays a vital role in your marketing strategy. This means there's so much room for your business to stand out.

Copywriting is a huge piece of how people see and interact with your brand - and you want to make sure the experience is seamless. 

Every word matters.

Ready to see the impact?  

It shows people why they should care about your business and why you’re the best choice for them.

In a world filled with endless options and “competitors” good copy stands out. It helps people easily eliminate the other options and find what they’re looking for (aka you).  

When done right, copywriting isn’t just about selling something — it’s about telling a story, igniting emotions, and building a strong bond with your audience. 

VIP Days are a concentrated and focused experience where we meet in the morning, and you have your first draft by the end of the day.

Packages are more comprehensive solutions that often include multiple pieces of copy such as a website, emails, ads, sales page, and more. Packages give us more time flexibility, meaning they’re a great option when you’re not in any rush. They also give us more time to get to learn each other’s style.

Curious about the difference between VIP days + packages?

Simply put: VIP days get it done quickly + efficiently, and packages give us more time to work together.