You're great at what you do, but let's face it: writing from scratch can be a drag. If you'd rather sort through tax receipts than face a blank page, you're in the right place.

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Does writing your own emails make you want to scream

These templates are designed to fit seamlessly into your business, saving you time (and sanity).

Imagine effortlessly crafting emails that hit the mark without breaking a sweat. 

Writing emails can be a total nightmare, but you know they’re essential. That’s why these templates are perfect when you need a little guidance to get them DONE—and not just done, but done well.

Masterclass Emails

Hosting a masterclass or webinar? These templates are your key to filling seats and building anticipation. Crafted to draw attendees in and keep them engaged, these emails make it easy to nurture your audience from the first invite to the final reminder.

Includes 7 emails
✓ Invite emails (3)
✓ Confirmation email (1)
✓Reminder emails (3)


Sales Emails

Finished your masterclass? It’s time to turn that interest into action. These emails are designed to guide your participants through your sales funnel with precision. From opening your cart to the final countdown, each template ensures a smooth transition towards closing sales.

Includes 8 emails
✓ Prelaunch email (1)
✓ Open cart email (1)
✓ Mid-cart emails (4)
✓ Cart close emails (2) 


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