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Want to finally cross that copywriting project off your to-do list and get your first draft delivered

 in one day?

“Becca made the process so easy and painless."

"I’m amazed at how much she wrote for me. I didn’t realize it was humanly possible to complete QUALITY copy in one day. This experience was AMAZING!”

— Erin Drysch 

You pick a date, complete a questionnaire, meet with me for one hour on the selected date, and then I’m off to write your first draft and you can go about your day as usual!

At the end of that day, you'll receive your first draft in your inbox with a video walkthrough, and collaborative edits start as soon as the next morning! It's that easy.

VIP Days are my signature offer, and for a damn good reason.

All I need from you is:


Whether it’s a concise website, or a captivating sales page, or an intricate 8-part email funnel,  

Your ideas brain dumped in a questionnaire 

One hour of your time in the morning on the day you select

Your feedback during the collaborative editing process 

A VIP day is a must-schedule.




And warning, you *might* cry when you see your first draft delivered in

Once the first draft of the copy was delivered I cried. Like, big salty tears. 

Becca’s service is worth every damn penny and then some. It’s also an important exercise in understanding your brand. The intake worksheet forced me to ask and answer questions about my business that I hadn’t asked or answered before. Finally a website that harnessed all my ideas, in my brand voice, but BETTER.

- Alex Fatouhi, Principal Broker

/ 01

 I literally teared up halfway through reading the sales page she wrote

Becca "got me" right away and I truly appreciate that! I feel my new copy has the extra spark to deeply resonate with my ideal clients and make it a no brainer decision in working together.

- Danielle Laura, Coach 

/ 02

I remember getting a bit teary when I read the first draft, just masterful work!

Becca brought this ease to every meeting and email. Nothing ever felt complicated and she was always right there to answer any questions. Her ability to take the brain dump of the first sheet you fill out and then the end result is just amazing.

- Jacqueline Pollner, Therapist

/ 03

I didn't even get through the homepage copy before I started crying.

"Becca did a Phenomenal job at grasping my style and tone. I didn't even get through the homepage copy before I started crying. It was so spot-on with how I'd say things, but more importantly, how my clients would say things that I knew she nailed it. There were so many one-liners that I literally had to say "boom. mic drop" because it was on point." 

Liz Strong,OBM

/ 04

Take your pick of ONE of the below options:

  • One long-form sales page
  • Short, but impactful 4-page website
  • Quick landing page + 8-part email funnel 
  • A mash-up of smaller projects like ads, welcome emails, social posts, blogs

Basically, if you want to know if it’s possible, just ask. I’ve completed over 200 VIP Days and have a damn good gauge at this point.

Here’s what we can cover in a VIP Day

I understand that you might be a ‘good writer,’ but this feels different. 

The best part about booking a VIP Day? You’ll receive the best first draft ever, making the collaborative editing process truly EASY. You’ll have a laid-out, wow-worthy first draft, so together, we can fine-tune your ideas and make sure everything is accurately delivered and WILL resonate with your audience. 

My process ensures both speed + quality. You’ll receive your copy within a single day, without any compromise on excellence. 

This is precisely where VIP days step in to save the day.

(That’s because it is.)

You’re unsure how to properly structure your site, feel like you’re missing key connection points in your emails, or you're not able to best write about your program promise because you're too close to it — I get it. 

Not to mention, staring at a blank Google Doc can be as painful as waiting for the next season of White Lotus to drop. (Seriously, I’m dying over here!)

TL;DR: You’re over trying to DIY it. 

- Shanna McCann 

“We are lucky enough to have some of Becca's AMAZING, personalized, well thought-out copy on one of our business websites. It sounds JUST LIKE US. I have to admit - I love writing (and am decent at it!) and have fought hard against having anyone else write anything for us... until Becca. We're so thrilled to know her and would recommend her work to anyone looking for copy that connects & converts - AND actually sounds like you. Isn't that the ultimate goal for all business owners, after all?” 

/ 01

— Brennan Sherman

“The experience of working with Becca was Worth. It. I loved how easy it was! I'd been putting it off because of the worry of how much work it was going to be. But I was wrong. Becca is encouraging and warm. She made me feel comfortable enough to express myself on our call and was able to grasp my style and tone! If you have a clear idea of who you are and what you want to offer, Becca will help you articulate all of that cleverly and concisely.”

/ 02

- Caroline Strawson

“Becca totally grasped my tone and style, and I was worried about this because what I do is trauma-related and very niche but she just nailed it. Becca really listens and studies your business, website, and what you want your message to be. She genuinely cares and wants to see your success.” 

/ 03

- Catarina Mello

“I was very surprised by how well Becca was able to incorporate my personality and little things about me into the copy. It was almost like she knew me for many years! These additions made my website copy fun to read and completely unique-to-who-I-am. If you're looking for copy that isn't generic and boring, Becca is your girl.” 

/ 04

— Ari Zapata

"As someone who had never worked with a copywriter before, she made it so easy and comfortable. I was so intimidated before starting the process, and the moment we had our VIP day call, it was gold. The process was amazing, and easy... Seeing the 'first' and ONLY draft (because she nailed it, duh) was ... wow! I was blown away. It was the best investment I've made aside from the actual website. She is the QUEEN of Copy! Truly the experience and the result is top notch.”

/ 05

— Erin Drysch

"I wish I knew about Becca years ago! I love how speedy the process was. It would have taken me 25 years to write something that Becca finished for me in one VIP day! I love that it speaks directly to my dream clients and Becca nailed every section of my copy and totally grasped my one and style! I am the worst with finding the right words to use and she literally read my mind during our Zoom calls. Plus, Becca is so laid back and fun! This is a game changer. I feel like everyone needs to hire Becca to level up their business.”

/ 06

— Brittany Keeling

"Becca is incredible! I love the fast turnaround of the VIP Days (saved my life) and I CANNOT say enough good things about the way she captured my voice and brand in a way I couldn't even do myself. IT IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT 10 TIMES OVER. You will not regret investing in Becca and your copy!! Becca took my brain dumps and ideas and brought them to life so quickly and seamlessly. If you need a big copy project done, do NOT try to DIY it. Outsource to an expert and get Becca to write your website copy!!!” 

/ 07

— Jessica Mattingly

“I loved how easy-going Becca was and that she listened to everything I had to say in regards to what I wanted my sales copy to make a prospective client feel. I knew what I wanted to say, but didn't know HOW to say it. And she captured it perfectly! I was truly blown away with Becca's ability to capture everything I was going for and more. Plus, the fact that she was able to turn it around in one day is so impressive. I literally had no changes to the sales copy and emails Becca created for me. I was so impressed!”

/ 08

— Megha Khosla

"Becca not only captured my style and tone but added some more personality to it! I loved the whole VIP day copy service I booked. I literally had all my copy done in 2 days which was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised that Becca had such a quick turnaround for the full website copy including edits and revisions, it's something that would have taken me weeks to complete. Becca is an amazing copywriter and such a delight to work with. She's prompt and has a quick turnaround while delivering exceptional copy that converts!"

/ 09

— Erin Robinson

"This service will literally take the stress away that comes with writing your own copy. The amount of work that is done in a day by Becca is insane and really unbelievable when she nails it on the head the first time! Becca is amazing at what she does and I am so happy that I chose her to write my new copy for my website. I am in the process of designing my new site now and the copy is literally bringing everything to life. I can't wait to launch and see the impact of the words Becca wrote!”

/ 10

Your brand’s voice, my expertise*

*copywriting, marketing, sales, psychology, user experience

Sure, I want to know your processes and offers, but I really want to know who you are outside of business so we can bring those distinct pieces together and really allow you to STAND OUT.

Even though you’re a business, people buy from people, and they want to work with someone they connect with. 

By integrating your personality and values into your business, you create a brand that's not only memorable but deeply resonant with your target audience. It's about creating an experience that feels personal, engaging, and, above all, human.

To call a spade a spade: You’re not the only one who does what you do — your prospects have endless options. My goal is to help you feel like the BEST CHOICE for your people, making everyone else a backup option.

I’m good at what I do because I want to know you

Ready for copy that feels downright distinctive to who you are? 

bundle & save vip days


vip day

$500 savings

To be used in a year, up to 12 month payment plan option.
To book multiple vip days, please fill out the contact form.


$1000 savings

3 vip days


$2000 savings

4 vip days


2 vip days


Collaborative edits begin as soon as the next morning with no cap on revisions.

Receive your first draft in your inbox around 4:30pm MST on the SAME DAY!

How it works:



You select a day that works for you, then sign the contract + make the first payment.

Complete the questionnaire 48 hours before our day.



Book a one-hour strategy call the morning of your day (it’s the only set time I’ll need you!)




VIP Days may result in swearing, jaw-drops, and a ton of caps lock on your responses to seeing your first draft.

Projects completed in a VIP Day capacity: